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10inch Hand Rivert Set.jpg

10" Heavy Duty Hand Riverter with 30 Rivets

Ratchet Handle.jpg

1/2" Chrome Plated Ratchet Handle

Ratchet Bar Clamp.jpg

Ratchet Bar Clamp

6"/150mm Jaw Opening

Voltage Pen Tester (2).jpeg

Non Contact Pen Voltage Tester

Multi Screwdriver Set.jpg
40pc Scket Set.jpg

Ratchet Screwdriver Set

40 piece Socket Set

Steel Claw Hammer.jpg
Cross Pain Hamer.jpg

Steel Claw Hammer

16oz Easy Grip Rubber Handle

Adjustable Wrench 6inchx150mm.jpg

150 mm Adjustable Wrench

Cross Pein Steel Hammer

Stape Gun.jpg

Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Roofing Square 8x12 inch.jpg

8 x 12 " Roofing Square

Sash Clamp.jpg

Sash Clamp

Spirit level.jpg

60cm Heavy Duty Aluminium Spririt Level

14pc Haxagon Key Set.jpg
Junior Hacksaw.jpg

14 piece Haxagon Key Set

6"/150mm Junior Hacksaw Chrome Plated Frame

Cable Tie.jpg
Knife Cutter.jpg

Assorted Colors Cable Tie

Snap Off Knife

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